Friday, July 10, 2015

My First Solo from Delhi to Kolkata

There was a day when I rode out unprepared a week from this day. I rode and rode and rode till my front wheel started making a weird noise after which I returned home from the Bengal Jharkhand Border.
It was the first time I had tasted freedom. Travelling solo is different. It not travel any more. Its meditation.
So after I left job, I decided that I will ride to Delhi from Kolkata.
As it would happen I would start late at around 1130. Rode the rest of the day till I crossed into Jharkhand.
Frankly I was a bit scared to stop any where in between but those are the initial jitters that are there for a day. By the time I was in Jharkhand, I stopped to enjoy the aesthetics once. The NH 2 is good and the ride was excellent. Here are some of the pictures that will take you in the 5 days small trip from Kolkata to Delhi.

 The Sunset in the dry winter evening was momentary yet titanic in terms of self realisation

Looking back at Dusty, it was time to ride on and find a hotel or ride on till varanasi
 Finally managed a nights stay in Ashoka Hotel
 Early next morning. The sun is yet to show
 Was on road by 6.30. :)
 Light baser and Dusty :)
A Selfie in the desolated roads of Jharkhand.

Reached Sanjay Motel. Chasing the MTV roadies X 2 crew

From the banks of Ganges
Varanasi (As-Is)

Resting in peace


Contemplating alone

Reminded me of a girl I love

Another day in the banks

Baldness is my boldness

The song of light and hymes

The streets of Varanasi in early morning
The Boatman and the birds

In search of emptiness
The place where the budda uttered his first words
Golden or light....enlightened?

Sunshine in my shoulder makes me happy



Jewels of Ganges

The lone lamp

The play of life and light

I want that bike...I want it

Dusty with a puncture

Selfie without an observer

The Last photo before I reached Delhi. ( Was here @ 6.30am reached Delhi @ 8 in evening)